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Japanese iTunes, fake rumors about opening in August

Japanese iTunes, false entries for August opening logomacitynet1200wide 1

The rumors that the Japanese iTunes Music Store will open in August are false. The dry denial to rumors circulated in recent days and reported by the usually reliable Nihon Sheizai Kimbun, the same Japanese branch of Cupertino.

‘As far as we are concerned‘ Internet Watch reads ‘this indiscretion completely false and the item does not come from us or from the Cupertino headquarters’. Apple Japan has refused to comment further, providing precise information about the actual launch of the store, merely referring to what was said a few weeks ago by Yoshiaki Sakito, president of Apple in Japan who said that the local iTunes Music Store would open by the end of year.

Apple has also confirmed that negotiations are underway, refusing to give indications on the status of the discussion.

According to reports from the Nihon Sheizai Kimbun, Apple has already made a commercial deal with practically all the main labels; unique to resist Sony that competitor Apple both in the field of music stores and, above all, in the field of players.

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