Jabra Elite Active 75t review: the best true wireless of 2020?

Jabra Elite Active 75t review: the best true wireless of 2020?

Over the past few years Jabra has confirmed itself as one of the best producers in the audio sector. We recently tested Evolve 65e headphones, dedicated to professionals, today we dedicate ours review of the Elite Active 75t, the new true wireless earphones dedicated to athletes, to those who love music and use the phone a lot for calls.

For the tests I used them as main headphones on my Android smartphone and in combination with my Mac. During the test days I used them in quiet environments, along the way, for sports and for business calls. Let's find out how the tests went after two weeks of use.


A complete set of accessories is provided in the box which allows us to make the best use of our headphones. In the small box we find 3 sets of rubbers of various sizes, the case for charging and a USB-C cable for charging. The usual manuals with instructions and features are missing, in the box there is only a card that invites us to download the app for Android and iOS.

Design and construction

The Jabra Elite Active 75t headphones have a shape in-ear headphones fairly classic and simple. The construction is characterized by a modern and clean design. The in-ear format is the form factor able to guarantee the best stability in the ears, naturally combined with the right gel rubbers. The latter, in addition to ensuring a good seal, also allow you to absorb part of the sweat and limit movement to a minimum during sport. During my tests I have never had sealing problems and the earphones, also thanks to the reduced size and weight, we are talking about 2.2 x 1.9 x 1.6 cm for 5.5 grams in weight, are really comfortable to wear. I have worn them often for a couple of consecutive hours without problems of discomfort or weighting in the ear area.

The in-ear design is not annoying, indeed very comfortable and practical to use, and the rubbers do not press too much on the auricle. This constructive choice also allows to have an effective passive noise isolation. Despite the lack of active cancellation, the insulation from external noises is really good and the results are optimal even in noisy areas.

There IP55 certification allows to have a good resistance to sweat, a few drops of rain and dust. This allows us to use them outdoors, and for intense training sessions, without having to worry about damage or infiltrations.

Two are positioned on the outside of both earphones physical buttons that give precise feedback, thanks to the mechanical movement, despite the reduced stroke. The precise and punctual operation of the buttons, the pressure required to use them minimal and does not bother you. The physical buttons convinced me, they have better feedback than the soft touch buttons and they convey a better feeling during use, especially on the move.

Interesting and pleasant various colors which allow you to buy the earphones that best suit your style. The colors available are: Navy, Titanium Black, Copper Black, Gray, Mint and Sienna.

Use, voice commands and connectivity

Jabra Elite Active 75t - ear 1 Jabra Elite Active 75t - use 3

In daily use, both in work moments and in training sessions, the headphones behave really well and result convincing from all points of view. I have already talked about the comfort and solidity of the earphones, just as convincing is the use of the physical buttons that allow you to better manage all the functions, from the management of calls and music to voice assistants. The ability to manage the volume using the physical buttons is very convenient, this feature avoids having to extract the smartphone to raise or lower the volume. The headphones can detect when they are inserted or removed from the ear, in this way they manage to automatically play and pause the running audio, thanks to the proximity and movement sensors.

Jabra Elite Active 75t support 3 different voice assistants: Siri on iOS, Google Assistant and Alexa on Android. Their practically perfect operation, the only flaw is the possibility of activating them only with the pressure of the appropriate button, no activation via the classic voice call.

Excellent connectivity is based on Bluetooth 5.0. The connection with the various devices is always stable and I have never had problems with interference or lag. The possibility of connecting is very useful and convenient, especially in the workplace two devices simultaneously. This function allows you to automatically switch from one device to another, for example from the smartphone to the PC and vice versa, based on usage. It then automatically switches from music on the PC to an incoming call on the smartphone. The headphones manage the priority of use between the devices and correctly choose the audio source to be transmitted.The Jabra Elite Active 75t can be connected correctly connected up to 8 devices and allow you to keep the various settings in memory. These true wireless headsets support SBC and AAC codecs, support for aptX is not available.

Audio quality

The lack of active noise reduction is not a big deal. The in-ear format allows excellent passive isolation. To this is added the HearThrough mode which allows, through microphones, to transmit the noises coming from the outside in order to reduce the level of isolation. The operating level of this software-managed mode can therefore be used to decide the volume of the external world. This function allows you to adjust the insulation according to the circumstances, maximum level in moments of concentration, minimum level when we walk along the road or play sports.

The audio quality is really impressive. All frequencies are reproduced correctly and, in the musical sphere, it is possible to appreciate the various tones and to distinguish the various instruments. The sound always full-bodied and dynamic, perhaps the bass is too heavy on some occasions, but for this you just have to adjust the settings via the app. The Jabra Elite Active 75t are certainly among the best true wireless headphones that I have ever tried, the sound quality absolutely convincing, without distortion and suitable for any musical genre.

Audio in call is also good. Our interlocutors will never have problems hearing us clearly and without particular background noise, thanks to the 4 microphones provided that allow a clear understanding of our voice.

Custody and autonomy

Jabra Elite Active 75t - case

Jabra earphones have aimpressive autonomy which allows us to use them for up to 7 hours before having to store them in the charging case. A really excellent capacity and well above the category average. This allows us to use them practically for an entire working day without ever having to remove them from our ears.

To the 7 hours of use are added the additional 20 hours that can be obtained through the charging case, thus arriving at 27 total hours. The latter is well built, with a pleasant matte plastic and a solid magnetic closure. The case has compact dimensions, 6.2 x 3.6 x 2.7 cm, which allow us to put it in your pocket without problems. On the back are a status LED and a USB-C port for charging.

The Elite 75t with wireless charging case have been available for a few days, a useful addition for some types of users.

Jabra Sound + app

The Jabra Sound + application, available for Android and iOS, allows a complete and in-depth management of the headphones. Thanks to the app it is possible to create a personalized profile, thanks to the 5-band equalizer and various specific presets for various musical genres. The functions are interesting and useful HearThrough is Soundscapes which give greater depth to listening and improve the user experience. HearThrough allows you to reduce passive noise isolation by reproducing external noise. Excellently created function, and customizable in the application level, which comes in handy in crowded environments, in the station and on many occasions, especially if you want to listen to those around you. Soundscapes integrates 12 audio presets that play relaxing noises in order to reduce stress and give some moments of serenity.

The functions have also been introduced with the latest firmware update MyControls is MySound. MyControls allows you to set the operating preferences of the keys for music and calls. MySound allows you to create, using the technology for adaptive audio, a personalized sound profile based on a hearing test performed using headphones and apps.

There are also settings to improve the audio on call and the Find My Jabra. This function allows you to find the earphones in case of loss by communicating the last position where we used them, using the phone's GPS, and emitting an audio signal at maximum volume.

In addition there are i Moments 3 profiles designed for different moments of your day and named: Focus, Commuter and My moment. Focus allows for greater isolation, Commuter lets you listen to external noises and My customizable moment.


The sale price of the Jabra Elite Active 75t of 199 euros. A high price, but fair and in line with the quality and technology offered.


Jabra Elite Active 75t review

The Jabra Elite Active 75t earphones are among the best true wireless in-ear headphones on the market. The impressive audio quality is comfortable to wear, excellent autonomy and very interesting smart functions. A non-economic product, but of great quality and sold with a correct quality-price ratio. Answering the question of the title of the article, perhaps they are not the best but certainly in the top 3 of 2020.


Final judgement

Use, voice commands and connectivity

Our opinion

The Jabra Elite Active 75t earphones are among the best true wireless in-ear headphones on the market. The impressive audio quality is comfortable to wear, excellent autonomy and very interesting smart functions. A non-economic product, but of great quality and sold with a correct quality-price ratio.