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ITunes podcasting invents iGod

If the Holy See was one of the pioneers of podcasting thanks to Vatican Radio, now the religious theme is one of the most popular on iTunes.

On the web you can find podcasting of all religions or pseudo-religions or seven.

A special case is the two thousand people who downloaded the podcasting of Reverend Leonard Payne, from the Anglican Church of St. Nicholas in Wrentham, Suffolk.

The "digital" priest, after the first positive positive response, said that to satisfy the requests he was forced to replace the server where he files the digital files for download via iTunes.

Initially put online on the church website, the thirty-minute speeches of the fifty-six year old Payne soon became very famous through the Internet.

At the end of July, the small British community headed by the church of the Reverend Payne downloaded 2,400 homilies, but perhaps limiting it to a geographical area so the interest may be limiting … thanks to English, many around the world will have had curiosity to listen to them.

"It certainly does not replace the Function but a very useful tool" was the affirmation of the vicar of St. Nicholas and, to the diocese of St. Edmundsbury and Ipswich, are happy with the successful experiment: "we have created a different church", or Church different "the ecclesiastical institution is changing in the third millennium".

Try typing "sermon" on iTunes and the podcasting section will respond with a large number of religious resources, many in the Anglo-Saxon language, of course.

What has come what one could profanely define "" iGod "? Reverend Payne does not seem to have any doubts: he willingly poses in front of the lens holding an iPod, on which he has just downloaded his" godcasting ".