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iTunes Music Store soon in Japan

iTunes Music Store unleashed in Japan by 2005. The communication comes from the greatest manager of Cupertino in the country of the rising sun, Yoshiaki Sakito.

Speaking in front of some journalists including those of the Mainichi Daily News, Sakito said that the project of a music store marked iTunes is going on also for Japan and that the temple is maturing. "We will open it by the year," Apple Japan president said, without giving further details on the subject.

As already reported several times also by Macitynet, the operations for an iTunes store in Japan are made difficult by various obstacles. The main, paradoxically, is the low rate of piracy that is found among users of that country as a result of which record companies have few incentives to start a business on the Internet and when they do, they require very high costs for individual songs. The risk is to cut the profits that come from CD sales and that the Japanese, diligently, continue to buy.

Another reason that until now has prevented the launch of an iTunes Music Store in Japanese the iron control that the major record companies have on the music market. And among the record companies there probably is the very powerful Sony, which certainly does not have among its first goals the goal of favoring Apple and the iPod market.

Currently the restricted market for digital downloads in the hands of Label Gate Co., a company that is the result of a joint venture between record companies. Microsoft has also, though very timidly, started selling music.

According to local observers, the launch of the iTunes Music Store could cause a huge increase in sales of iPods, whose market is already soaring, despite the lack of compatible music for sale on the Internet.