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ITunes link to sell music on YouTube

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ITunes link to sell music on YouTube logomacitynet1200wide 1

Link to buy music on the page where you can watch videos. Here is the idea developed by Google to try to take advantage of the control on YouTube after some time of the expensive purchase.

The first links that should bring those who see a musical movie to buy the song appeared during the day yesterday, the result of the close partnership that Google-YouTube has put into action with music houses like Emi. By clicking on the link that appears below the movie (in the area where the community links are located) you go directly to the Amazon store or to the iTunes Store where that same song is located; obviously Google is rewarded for selling on a percentage basis, even if the Internet giant has not disclosed the agreements in progress with the record companies.

At the moment the program is active only in the USA, but Google plans to extend the project on a global scale by expanding the system to other products and creating a real platform for videos, TV shows, even printed products, all using the percentage system on profits.

Recall that a few weeks ago Google CEO Eric Schmidt confessed that he does not yet have a precise idea on how to make money from YouTube.

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