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ITunes interface copied?

ITunes interface copied? logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple has copied the iTunes interface. The accusation starts from Contois Music Technology, a small American company, which presented a complaint to the Vermont district court in support of its thesis.

From what we learn from some Internet sites, Apple would have 'taken a guilty and fraudulent suggestion, from a' computer and user interface control system for music reproduction devices' that Contois Music Technology would have patented six years ago. The system, shown during the 1995 Comdex and, subsequently, at the 1996 NAMM, would have been seen by unspecified people who were then already employees of Apple or would later become, transferring the ideas of David Contois (founder of the software house) to iTunes.

The documents supporting the lawsuit indicate 19 details of the iTunes interface copied from Contois and specified that Apple formally aware of the grievances since 2004, when a letter was sent out explaining the situation. Contois per thinks that in Cupertino we had been aware of the problem since 2003.

The software house asks the judge to prevent Apple from initially distributing iTunes and asks for compensation for damages resulting from the intentionally implemented copy of the interface.

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