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iTunes in New Zealand returns to Apple

The tunes.co.nz domain (and not itunes.co.nz) was registered by Dave Goosselink, a Dunedin businessman in New Zealand, earlier this year.

With this domain Goosselink had started an activity of online sale of peripherals and accessories for iPod on the site that pointed to this domain.

It seems that the new world, Oceania, may be of near interest to Apple which, after Japan, now targets this geographical area to open new music stores in the iTunes Music Store series.

It is therefore important that Cupertino keeps all the registered names and the related sites, even the only assonant ones, under its banner, just as tunes.co.nz just returned “at home” to the sound of dollars… it doesn't matter if they are from New Zealand or from the USA.

If Apple were to launch the iTunes Music Store in New Zealand in the near future, it will have to contend with a recently active service on behalf of Coca-Cola, CokeTunes, which for mobile phones with 570,000 songs in the catalog.