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iTunes.co.uk, battle on all fronts

Monetize. Here is what appears to be the number one goal of Benjamin Cohen, the young British entrepreneur who registered the iTunes.co.uk domain name.

The impression that the tug-of-war between Cohen, known to the 'people' of the network as having been one of the first Internet (virtual) millionaires, and Cupertino, is now only a question of money, arises from some revelations by British newspapers that present an unprecedented look behind the scenes of the story.

According to the Guardian newspaper, Cohen, who had registered the domain name before the time when Apple decided to register the brand, but after the launch of iTunes, after the first skirmishes with Cupertino, would have clearly meant to be oriented to sell the domain. At an offer of $ 5,000 advanced by Apple, Cohen would have replied asking 20 times more, to be precise £ 50,000, corresponding to about $ 95,000. Received a clear refusal from part of Apple, would have offered the domain name to Napster, or rather to the main competitor of Apple in the market of digital music also here finding a closed door. Despite this, perhaps with a gesture of disfigurement and by decision of Cohen himself, the iTunes.co.uk domain, for a certain period of time redirected visitors (about 4,000 a day) to Napster's UK site.

Meanwhile, Apple has not been idle and has reported the case to Nominet, the British authority that deals with the registration of domain names. Recently, as reported by Macity, the Nominet decreed the reasons for the Apple, forcing Cohen to give up the name. Cohen in turn opposed the sentence, promising to take his battle to the high court.

So, now waiting for the judgment, iTunes.co.uk continues to focus on Cohen's online business, a sales site called Quickquid that promises discounts and rewards for those who make online purchases. Among these prizes, with an irony no one knows how much wanted or involuntary, there is also an iPod mini accompanied by a 50-pound voucher for the purchase of songs on the iTunes Music Store.