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iTunes beats pirate sites

iTunes Music Store is more popular than many pirated download sites. This is the truth contained in an investigation by NPD Group on channels from which computer users obtain digital music.

According to the research company, which operates on the American market, the March data would show that 1.7 million households in the United States have bought at least one song from the Apple store, a smaller number than those using WinMIX (2.1 million), but certainly surprisingly not far away, considering that the songs on iTunes are paid while from WinMIX they are downloaded for free. Even more surprisingly, iTunes ranks ahead of networks like Kazaa and iMesh, which makes it an absolute protagonist of the download world.

"If anyone – says Ross Crupnick, president of the music division of NPD Group – wondered if a time had ever come when the services of selling songs on the Internet, has the answer from these data. The shops that legally distribute music represent a credible alternative to sites that offer pirated music ". A statement that has a confirmation in the fact that even Real and Napster appear, albeit significantly lower, in the ranking.

Currently in the US, online music stores are used by 4% of American families, with a noticeable difference, in terms of age. Those over thirty are the main clients of the legal services, those below this age often still prefer pirate sites.