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iTunes 8 prevents iPhone and touch jailbreak

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iTunes 8 prevents jailbreak of iPhone and touch logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple has adopted some countermeasures that prevent the unlocking of the iPhone 2G and the jailbreak of all versions of the smartphone and also of the touch: they are directly integrated into iTunes 8.

The announcement comes directly from a new post published a few hours ago on the official-unofficial blog of the Dev Team, the group of "anonymous" experts and programmers who developed the Pwange Tool. In practice, the new iTunes returns an error message when the user tries to restore iPhone or touch using a custom firmware, i.e. a previously unlocked version of the operating system.

From the early days of iPhone marketing, the Dev Team has argued that Apple cannot prevent jailbreak via PwnageTool unless it makes changes to the hardware of the paperbacks. So a viable solution from Cupertino to prevent "unwanted" operations on the iPhone and touch that of intervening on the program that manages the connection, precisely iTunes.

For all these reasons, the Dev Team has declared itself prepared for this type of countermeasures by the Apple for some time now. According to the statements that appeared on the blog, the Dev Team has already created patches that can overcome Apple's new blocks: the tools will be completed in these days and they will be released already starting next week.

In this article we reproduce the screenshot from the iTunes Dev Team blog with the error that prevents the user from installing "unlocked" firmware on a regulatory iPhone.

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