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ITunes 1.1.1 also arrives

Simultaneously with the release of MacOs 10.02, Apple has also announced that it has made available the 1.1.1 version of iTunes for MacOs X.The new release, again according to Apple that mentions it in the software updates, would also be in the Italian version. Unfortunately, trying to download the new version, you only get to a page from which you can only have version 1.1, the latest released at the end of March. Probably those responsible for managing the servers are still working to upload the update.We remind that iTunes 1.1.1, if used with MacOs X 10.02, can burn audio CDs thanks to the internal drives of the new Apple machines. iTunes, according to a Til, also supports numerous third-party external burners. Here is the list: LG (CD-RW CED-8042B), Matshita (CD-RW CW-7121, CD-RW CW-7586, UJDA310), Mitsumi (CR-4802TE, CR-4804TE), Philips Iomega (CDD4801 CD -R / RW, ZIPCD 650), Pioneer (DVD-RW DVR-103), Plextor (CD-R PXW1210A, CD-R PX-W8432T, CD-R PX-W8220T, CD-R PX-W124TS), Ricoh ( CD-R / RW RW8040A), Samsung QPS (CD-R / RW SW-208B), Sanyo LaCie (CDBP-121032, CDBP-161040, CRD-BP1300P), Sony (CD-RW CRX140E, CD-RW CRX700E, CD -RW CRX140, CD-RW CRX145, CD-RW CRX160, CD-RW CRX700, CD-RW CRX10U), Teac (CD-W24E), Yamaha (CRW4416, CRW6416, CRW8424, CRW8824, CRW2100).