Official Twitter 280 characters for all

It's official: Twitter 280 characters for everyone, but what to do with it?

Twitter 280 characters for all, official you can already try. Users are divided and there are those who already regret the 140. What are people doing with the 280?

Twitter 280 characters: the social network expands, not for the n. of users who still languish, but for the space available in n. characters: double the words you can tweet. Today the 280 characters have been extended to all Twitter users in the supported languages, including Italian.

Twitter 280 characters: now double space for everyone

The company announced for the first time in September the controversial plan to go beyond its traditional 140 characters, claiming that the expansion would have allowed some users of some languages ​​to express their thinking more adequately.

The expansion of available space was initially available as a trial for a select group of Twitter users.

Twitter 280 characters to help express themselves

At the time of its initial announcement, the company cited the data supporting the decision of future expansion only for some languages ​​that would have benefited most from the available space, referring to the way in which some languages ​​succeed instead in expressing longer and more precise concepts in fewer characters.

Twitter has in fact declared that those who speak some specific languages, such as Japanese, Korean and Chinese, have already been able to express themselves in a sufficiently extensive manner due to the possibility of expressing more extended concepts in a smaller number of characters, compared to the writer. in English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese or French.

Because of this assumption, Twitter has decided that the 280-character expansion will not be available for Japanese, Chinese and Korean.

Twitter 280 controversial characters

The decision was also the subject of some criticisms, given that one of the key features of Twitter is the brevity of users' posts.

Many argue that the increase to 280 characters could make Twitter actually less readable, due to tweets that fill the timeline.

Others say that Twitter's concentration on a function that almost no one has really requested has actually diverted the company's attention from more critical problems, such as abuse, harassment and bullying, which have unfortunately become frequent on this social network.

It has also been argued that expansion does not really mean giving a greater possibility of expressing oneself, nor giving space to more interesting contents, but, on the contrary, only reducing the synthesis of the thoughts expressed already in a sufficiently clear manner otherwise.

Twitter 280 characters: a viral parody

Official Twitter 280 characters for all

The parody of the 280 characters used by Jack Dorsey to announce the new feature

A particularly amusing tweet in this sense became viral. A tweaked red version of the Twitter CEO tweet, Jack Dorsey, showed how it was possible to reduce the number of tweet words without losing its meaning.

Twitter 280 characters: divided users

Users are divided as to whether the change threatens to ruin Twitter's or not; The technical media have proved to be primarily opposed to the change made.

Despite the opinion of the media and many users, it is also important to consider how many users have asked for it to be extended to the general public since September, when they started to talk more insistently.

Furthermore, the results of a survey last month found more American users favorable to expansion than those against and many users who were absolutely indifferent.

However, Crimson Hexagon, through a sentiment analysis survey, extracted data of 2.7 million tweets from September 25th to November 6th, finding that the negative perception of users appears to be greater than that in favor with 63% against 37 %, but also noted that negative opinions have decreased since September.

Twitter data on the use of 280 characters

Twitter 280 graphic characters

Twitter 280 characters: usage chart

In a post on his blog about the launch of the expanded space of 280 characters, Twitter also wanted to reassure the most negative users, claiming that their timelines would not suddenly become saturated with very long tweets.

The company said that during the trial period, people continued to post tweets under 140 characters most of the time, despite the news. In particular, Twitter found that only 5 percent of tweets were sent with more than 140 characters and of those, only 2 percent exceeded 190 characters.

Twitter has also argued that many of the joke-like things like writing just a few characters per line to create long tweets are just a temporary effect of the news

Twitter added that only 1 percent of tweets reached the character limit after expanding to 280.

What are people doing with 280 characters on Twitter?

Twitter also stated that those who had more space available for tweets, received more like, retweets and @mention, increased the number of followers and spent more time on the platform, even if they did not support these results with data in the hand.

Going to the heart of the choice in terms of company profile, it is precisely the greater engagement of the users that interests Twitter and that represents a good part of the reasons for this novelty.

Official Twitter 280 characters for all