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It's a Boy: a photo album of their children on the iPhone

It's a Boy: a photo album of their children on iPhone – Macitynet.it

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For the happiness of all fathers and mothers, the Aquafadas group has published two new applications on the App Store that allow you to collect, customize and show your child's photos. Its a Girl and Its a Boy are practically identical, but have different graphics to better adapt to the sex of the child. Quite incomprehensible choice, to tell the truth, since the developers could have given the possibility to change graphics at will: after all, why put a parent with a boy and a girl in front of the hard choice?

In any case, Its a Boy / Girl allows you to insert a particular theme or personalize your children's photos with colored frames, insert descriptions for each image or create albums in which to save them. The most beautiful photos can then be shared with your friends and relatives on Facebook, although there is still a lack of support for Twitter. Currently, Its a Boy and Its a Girl are available on the App Store at a cost of 79 cents each.

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