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iTop moves the iPod keys

Nyko Technologies released on the US market today iTop, a control system that transfers all the iPod controls to the top of the player.

Thanks to the small device, which is actually a remote control that fits into the special iPod top connector, you can do everything (search for songs, raise and lower the volume, select tracks), even if you don't have access to the front of the player.

iTop particularly convenient in various situations. For example, if you put the player in the pocket of a shirt or jacket, place it in a niche in a piece of furniture, or keep it in a bag.

Note the accurate design that comes close in all respects to that of iPod. The keys have been designed to be easily recognizable by touch. No battery needed because iTop feeds directly from the internal iPod.

At $ 29.99 iTop is, in fact, an interesting and rather inexpensive alternative to the iPod remote control.