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Italianized Safari and update: bugs and fixes.

Italianized Safari and update: bugs and fixes. – Macitynet.it

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Pierpaolo Fantuzzi writes: "The new safari beta released in the past few hours has introduced a small bug for all those who brought their previous beta into Italian,: the error is in a" .plist "file modified by the programmer who edited the Italian translation.

If you downloaded the new beta and ported it in Italian, know that the System Preferences Software Update will still signal the presence of a new version of Safari, even if you have already done so to update it. with Italian iTunes 3.01 and the Software Update: a new version of the software was always found even if it was already updated. "

To overcome this, Pierpaolo has put the localization in Italian free of this defect on this page on line. The dmg format file is available in the "File Sharing" section.

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