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It is so easy to copy mp3s into internet cafes

The Greek Stelio Haji-Ioannou created several companies from scratch in a few years, easyJet the leader, one of the three best “no-frills” airlines in the world, together with Ryanair and Southwest.

The easy group also includes easyInternetCaf, a series of clubs spread in major European cities and one also in New York City.

Last year the BPI – British Phonographic Industry, an association that brings together the most important record majors (BMG, EMI, Sony and Universal), filed a complaint against easyInternetCaf because at that time it offered for 5 pounds the possibility of downloading music from the internet for then burn it to CD.

Judge Peter Smith sentenced easyInternetCaf for piracy and a fine of approximately € 800,000 is expected, despite BPI's request for double.

The easy boss answers directly on the easyInternetCaf website that will not stop and appeal to the House of Lord, the final court of appeal and the following reasoning: “private registration for domestic use a right decreed in point 70 of the Designs and Patents British Act of 1988, our customers appreciated the service, downloaded and burned the music to listen to it comfortably at home, just like you do with video recorders ".