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iSync, Apple, plays early

A real advance game. Here's what would be behind the iSync release in the past few hours.

The synchronization software, as our readers now know, was in fact presented yesterday. The choice of the times, even his own release, aroused some curiosity and some questions in the world of observers.

iSync in fact seemed until a few days ago late in the course of development and it seemed it could not make its debut even for next January 7th. But also assuming that Apple have been busy hurriedly filling the bugs and adding the features that were missing, why anticipate the Macworld keynote, where iSync could have enriched Jobs' ad series?

The answer would lie in other announcements, those scheduled for next Tuesday by Microsoft that Macity has already talked about a few weeks ago

Redmond, with the clear intent to steal the show from Apple, will present his interpretation of the software for the digital hub and among the various applications there will also be Sync & Go for Pocket PC, a kind of iSync that allows you to import, synchronize and read on PocketPC the content provided on the Internet by Microsoft partners such as MarketWatch, GolfSpan.com Inc., Indy Racing League, KenRadio.com, MSNBC.com, OverDrive Inc. and Warner Music Group.

Apple, considering iSync strategic for its future on the market, would therefore have tried to propose the final version in advance of Microsoft, tangibly demonstrating (even if only for a few days) its leadership.

This opinion, also supported by the opinion of some experts, appears reliable even if at first glance Sync & Go is not completely comparable to iSync.