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iSpeak: reads everything.

iSpeak: reads everything. – Macitynet.it

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The text-to-speak features have been active in Macs for many years, but this $ 9 shareware with non-mandatory payment not only searches for news directly on the web (thanks to Google's News service), not only is it informed of the weather of your city, not only is it documented on the shortest road between two street addresses, to read them to the user who does not want them or, more presumably, to the blind or visually impaired who uses the Mac.Clear that the reading of simple texts (txt, rtf or html) its basic use and this function is also maintained in iSpeak 1.0 (128 KB from this link or from this other which, when going online, the only active, although with the access restrictions of .Mac), but very attractive are the new entries just described.The reading can take place directly in the application or after saving in .MP3 in iTunes and archived for later listening on the road , maybe in the iPod … imagine there to describe a road route heard by the iPod earphones while going to an unknown place, never again road maps in hand, or a speech to be pronounced in public without folders in front of the eyes. If unsatisfactory spelling can be corrected with the To activate iSpeak just open it in Mac OS X 10.2 and later and be connected to the web.

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