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Is 5G bad for your health? What is 5G and opinions compared

Il 5G fa male alla salute? Cos’è il 5G e pareri a confronto

5G is the new communication standard for mobile devices (smartphones, tablets and any other object connected to the mobile network). This is currently the most advanced form of communication and guarantees much faster download and upload speeds than we are used to.

Thus the 5G

The spread of the 5G, as well as improving the speed of communication, will allow a greater development of the IoT (Internet of Things or Internet of Things) and that is of all those objects directly connected to the Internet.

Very interesting the application of theIoT (Internet of Things, ie appliances connected to the network) to remote surgery (with doctors who will be able to carry out operations thousands of kilometers from the patient using electronic arms connected to the network) that will be possible because with 5G you can get to zero the latency, the time that passes between the command and the execution of the same.

Does 5G hurt? Who says yes

In our country in 2019 there are several 5G experiments in the big cities (first of all Milan), started by telephone operators in collaboration with the manufacturers of the transmission equipment (starting from the antennas). And with the launch of the experiments, they have suffered the controversy about the damage to the health of the new transmission standard took hold.

One of the major forces in the field that states the harmfulness of 5G the 5G Stop Alliance, a group that includes the Terra Nuova magazine, Oasi Sana, the Italian Electrosensitive Association, the Electro-smog Association Volturino, the Ramazzini Institute, the Sensitive Objective Association, the Oltre la MCS committees and No Wi-Fi Days. The group collected 11 thousand signatures to ask for suspension of the 5G and arrived at the Chamber of Deputies in audition.

The dangers of 5G would be based on two studies in particular that of the Ramazzini Institute and that of the American National Toxicology Program, which reveal a possible increased risk of cancer due to the exposure of electromagnetic wave rats on frequencies used by 2G and 3G. To enhance the theses no to 5G the need to build new networks to adopt this standard and the number of connected objects that would increase traffic at an exponential level.

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Does 5G hurt? Who says no

At the same hearing in the Chamber, they expressed themselves for other subjects such as Ispra (Higher Institute for Environmental Protection and Research), CReSM (Experimental Radioelectric Center G. Marconi), International Commission for Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, Icnirp (organism non-governmental, recognized by the World Health Organization) Higher Institute of Health. The interventions were based on the following points:

  • the studies cited refer to 2G and 3G and not to 5G and concern prolonged exposure to electromagnetic fields also generated by other household appliances, as well as by antennas and cell phones;
  • the powers of cellular antennas are much lower than those used in the cited studies;
  • the international guidelines speak of a carcinogenic risk compared to the massive and prolonged use of mobile phones in contact with the head (in short, if you talk on the phone for a long time and without earphones) and not with respect to the presence of antennas;
  • the millimeter waves used for 5G they will use lower powers than the current ones and therefore they will stop in contact with human skin, remaining on the surface;
  • from 2022 the 5G will use the 700 Mhz frequencies, those used for televisions and that over the years have not shown any risk to human health.

Dead birds with 5G activation: a hoax

In addition to scientific studies and serious debates, the fake news, the so-called buffaloes, unfortunately also emerge. The most suggestive one concerns the birds that would have died while activating a 5G network. We talk about birds that have fallen in the air, even.

In a Hague park (in the Netherlands) almost 300 birds have actually died but not in the same days and certainly not for the activation of a 5G network. The reason that there is no 5G network near the park in question. Furthermore, the investigations have led to the conclusion that it was a massive poisoning of the birds. Thus the news of the dead birds true, the connection of the deaths to the false 5G.

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