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iPod Touch 2G unlocked with redsn0w: preview in an online video

iPod Touch 2G unlocked with redsn0w: preview in an online video logomacitynet1200wide 1

With a lineup of events very similar to the one already seen for the announcement and the subsequent release of the operator unlock for iPhone 3G, the DevTeam is now completing work on the redsn0w project. A few days ago on the official blog of the DevTeam hackers appeared a riddle statement which indicated another Apple pocket device still without unlock. Even without explicitly indicating it, the reference to the latest version of the iPod touch was clear

Since yesterday, a video is available online in which the hacker nicknamed MuscleNerd, always part of the DevTeam group, shows for the first time the successful unlocking of the iPod touch 2G. The operation is possible thanks to the redsn0w code: the latter capable of circumventing the protections integrated by Apple in the latest version of the iPod touch on which all the previous cracks had no effect. The DeavTeam stated that the solution is still very manual and therefore not suitable for all users. Hackers are working on a version of redsn0w in the form of an application for more immediate use, expected to be released soon, even if a precise availability date has not been communicated. Below is the QIK video available online.

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