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iPod next to the new iMacs?

iPod next to the new iMacs? – Macitynet.it

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Will there also be new iPods during the week that everyone thinks is the new iMac?

The hypothesis that Apple may launch a refresh of the range of MP3 players on the market is making headway in these hours after it was learned that Toshiba has now put into production 1.8-inch 40 GB HD.

The existence of the Hard Disks had been revealed in the past week (https://www.macitynet.it/macity/aA12884/index.shtml) when Toshiba had updated its site by adding a link to a product called MK4004GAH whose capacity would be precisely 40 GB. Later Toshiba then removed the link (which led to nothing and which was therefore probably entered by mistake), but at the same time it published the specifications of the disk on its FTP site adding information also about another 30 GB disk.

So I learned that HDs would have, in addition to a capacity greater than that of current discs, also a buffer memory greater (2 MB) than that of current discs. The upgrade would also benefit from 20 GB HD.

The new 40 GB disks would already be in production and would also have obtained the necessary approvals

Simultaneously with the release of the 40 GB disk, Toshiba would also have decided to cancel the production of the 5 GB HD, the one supplied with the original iPod.

Recall that persistent rumors of changes to the iPod range have been around since before the Macworld. The most recent rumors assume that the new iPod line can be equipped with Firewire 800 (perhaps to promote technology) and foresees cuts of 15, 20 and 40 GB.

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