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IPod marries PowerPoint, thanks to ThinkFree

The heart is the iPod, or even other MP3 players. The goal is to carry the slideshow feature built into the Apple player that displays color photos and make it available for those who don't have an Office and maybe own old iPod models. The realization, if it keeps the promises announced by the ThinkFree working group, the popular alternative package to Office born in Linux, Mac and PC environment, should be of all relief.

In fact, within the suite, ThinkFree Office Show also offers a mode, which has made it define "iPod Edition" by its authors. In practice, a software able to connect both with Mac and with PC and make the iPod the control unit of the presentation regardless of the computer to which it is connected.

The application that requires MacOs X 10.3 or 10.4, or Windows XP / 2000, allows you to create presentations in a format compatible with PowerPoint, but also Html, Pdf and Svg (the scalable graphic vector file) is installed on the iPod (or other reader Digital MP3 with a hard disk and enough free space) and allows you to create, edit and project presentations, thus making the ThinkFree work group's intentions of making the life of those who by trade ( educators, managers, advertisers) used to presenting their work using this tool.

ThinkFree will present the beta version of the product, ThinkFree Office 3 Show, iPod Edition, in August. the final version will cost $ 39.95 in the US.