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iPod, for French people it is too "smashed"!

iPod, for French people too "smashed"! – Macitynet.it

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Stop iPod sales in France. The Apple MP3 player was withdrawn from the channels due to the failure to comply with a standard on the maximum output level in decibels from the headphones.

A French law provides that no device equipped with audio headphones can provide a power greater than 100 decibels, 4 less than those capable of producing the iPod. Hence the decision by Apple to withdraw the reader for the next 15 days.

In this period Cupertino will plan the release of a firmware update specifically designed for the French market which will make the iPod technical specifications 'legal' also for the transalpine country. Once the update has been presented and the iPods still in the channels are updated, the player will go on sale regularly

The update should not, however, be applied for machines for sale in other countries, not even European ones. The 100 decibel standard is only valid in France.

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