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iPod becomes a clock radio

iPod becomes a clock radio logomacitynet1200wide 1

Turn an iPod into a super-technological and personalized alarm clock radio. This is what IH5 promises with a product designed to make Apple's player even more useful and flexible.

Studied by SDI Technologies, specialized in clock radios (some even very original ones like those that recite prayers or play exclusively patriotic melodies), IH5 in fact a 'superdock' that has integrated a digital clock with LCD display, an FM / AM radio and a system for charging iPod. Once the player has been inserted, it becomes the central core of the system and the user can choose whether to program the alarm to play music directly from the internal HD of the player or whether to use the radio.

IH5, which of course equipped with stereo speakers that SDI Technologies defines as excellent, works with all third and fourth generation iPods, iPod mini and iPod photo. It also features an audio line in, to connect other devices.

The cost of IH5 on the US market is $ 99.99; availability for the month of August.

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