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iPod, Apple patents a car holder

iPod, Apple patents a car holder | Macitynet.it logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple plans to launch an iPod dock to use in the car. The idea of ​​producing a support capable of securely fixing the player during car journeys emerges from a patent application filed in February.

The support is very similar to those produced by some third parties (such as Belkin) and consists of an adapter that fits into the holder for the glasses found on many cars. Inside a niche inside which the player can be fixed.

The support also contains a cable winder that could be the system with which to connect the reader to the car stereo. Strangely it seems instead to miss the possibility of connecting the same player to the cigarette lighter socket of the car for charging.

The design of the dock by Matthew Rohrbach has also been given the design of the well-known Apple tablet, another of the products for which Cupertino has applied for a patent.

Needless to say that not all products for which registration is requested then become a commercial object. And this could also be the case with the Apple car dock.

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