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iPhone with wraparound display, Apple does not give up the idea

iPhone with wraparound display, Apple does not give up the idea

Foldable or curved devices: the difference is subtle but there is, both aesthetically and projectually. Thus, while various manufacturers are busy testing (expensive) solutions that fall into the first category (that of folding), others are working on alternatives that, on paper, would like to be more resistant.

In the second group we include Apple which, as usual, does not hurry to arrive first on the market. A "folding" sooner or later will also come to the Cupertino company, but probably only when this technology will actually be mature or really useful. In the meantime, patents describing them continue to be registered Flexible displays integrated into a curved design.

The last of these takes up a job that Apple is continuing to refine, evidently showing a real interest in this type of design. Already in 2013, an iPhone (6) with a curved display was assumed, and also a patent on a "was registered with the USPTO last yearElectronic device with wrap around display", or an" electronic device with wraparound display ". The one dated October 24 describes a product that, more than a folding display, has two or more screens that overlap each other.

The patent also describes in this case a "electronic device with wraparound display" which contains "at least one transparent part and one flexible screen". An apparently similar product is the Mi MIX Alpha that Xiaomi announced last September.

However, the usual argument still applies: of patents filed by companies, only a small part actually comes translated in real product. At the moment it is impossible to foresee Apple's intentions on the possible implementation of this solution.