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iPhone will conquer corporate mail

Is there corporate mail in the crosshairs of Apple with iPhone? To launch the hypothesis that among the 'business' functions that Apple would be preparing to announce during the event of next March 6 there is compatibility with some of the most popular push mail systems, specifically Exchange and Lotus Notes, Shaw Wu.

In support of his thesis, the American Technology Research analyst cites some sources close to the development environments and companies that deal with this market segment.

Lotus Notes support is not new. IBM, which develops the platform, which is very popular in business, had announced in mid-January that it was working on an iPhone and iPod Touch version. Certainly newer and therefore more interesting would be the support of Microsoft Exchange Server. Microsoft's technology is used by a large number of companies for both mail and appointment calendars; this is a very relevant element for the mobile office accessible to iPhone users, but only by using various indigestible devices to the IT departments.

Asked by some journalists about the possibility that Apple would purchase the right to use the Exchange protocol, Steve Ballmer replied that the sale by Microsoft would be consistent with the strategies of his company (which also granted the protocol to some competitors such as Palm ). He did not want to make statements about an agreement with Apple.

Support for Blackberry servers is also not entirely remote. Rim, which has made a great fortune with its devices, has for some time been licensing its push mail technologies to hardware manufacturers and, although at the moment it seems a rather unlikely hypothesis given the strong competition in the sector with Apple. , not to exclude that an agreement may arrive by surprise between Apple and the smartphone maker of Waterloo.