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iPhone Tutorial: Exchange archives with Mac via Wi-Fi

How to transfer archives from Mac to iPhone with Cyberduck

We have already talked about the comfortable Cyberduck program other times: in this tutorial we will use it to transfer archives to the internal folders of the iPhone to manage ebooks, Roms etc.

– The first thing to do to install SSH on your iPhone. No technical preparation required, just install the Null Rivere Installer once the operation is finished choose SSH from the packages offered and proceed with the installation directly from the iPhone

– Find the IP address of your iPhone: just go under Settings and then on Wi-Fi and click on the blue arrow next to the name of the selected network. The IP address will be listed on the next screen in a xx.xx.xx.xx format: for example or …

– Download the latest version of Cyberduck from this page and install it on your Mac

– Click on "Open Connection" from the "File" menu

– When choosing the protocol, select "SFTP" and leave the port number at 22.

– In the "Server" field, enter the IP address of your iPhone (obtained according to the previous indications)

– In the "Username" field enter "root" while in the password field type "dottie" (obviously only the text in quotation marks)

– You are now in the root user folder. At this point you must create a folder inside the Media folder that contains Rom ebooks etc. Follow the application-specific instructions to find out in which folder the archives are to be placed.

– If you have to insert archives in other iPhone folders, go back to the upper folders and navigate with Cyberduck but be careful not to overwrite important data without having made a security backup. If you get into trouble, maybe a better iPhone restore should be done.

Note: we advise you to change the password to access your iPhone.

(By iPhone Addicted)