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iPhone, the debut will be boom

iPhone, the debut will be boom logomacitynet1200wide 1

Almost two thousand people and in some cases even more than two thousand. This would be the incredible waiting list that iPhone would generate at some American At & T stores. To reveal the data a specialized company, Channel Checkers who released some information on the matter during the evening yesterday.

By interviewing the managers of 36 stores that will have telephones available, Channel Checkers would have estimated that in 64% who accept a list (apparently against the provisions of At & T that would have recommended not to take reservations) the average of the people who gave their availability to buy the phone of 25, a frightening number if we consider that in the USA there are 10 thousand stores of the type included in the sample. As if to say that at the time of the launch Apple could sell 250 thousand mobile phones in one go, totaling a figure that could easily exceed 120/130 million dollars.

But the turnover could be even higher if you think that in some large center where there is an even greater wait for iPhones, like in New York, there are shops that have lists of 1979 possible customers. Another store, Channel Checker says, had a list in the thousands and someone else finally received calls that were impossible to estimate.

According to the research company, this phenomenon could cause problems for Apple which could be unable to satisfy all customers. To further complicate the situation, the fact that Hon Hai Precision Industries, the Taiwanese company that was in charge of assembling the mobile phone, would not yet have reached the expected overall output capacity of 12 million pieces per year.

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