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IPhone reception problems, the hypothesis of the software bug returns

Problems receiving iPhone, the hypothesis of the software bug returns – Macitynet.it

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During today's press event, Apple will not announce a recall for the iPhone 4 already sold and may attempt a software repair. Here is the anticipation advanced by the New York Times in an article that mentions an informed person on Cupertino's plans.

The most interesting part of the article is that which refers to the software problems of the iPhone 4, a thesis already advanced in the past but which has never been given too much credit. The New York Times for much more precise in this regard and speaks of a bug of long-standing and present at Baseband level (the complex software and hardware that manages communication over the cellular network). Although this problem was known and also afflicted other terminals, the newspaper says, it would now manifest itself with greater virulence due to the particular configuration of the iPhone 4 antennas, exposed to the touch of the fingers. How much a change in the firmware can improve the situation and make the phone less sensitive to the disturbance caused by the human body does not say the NYT; what the newspaper seems to believe that news to the Baseband will be made with the launch of iOS 4.1.

The New York Times adds, denying other prestigious newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg, that Jobs and the other Apple executives would have learned of this problem only after the launch of iPhone 4. The Manhattan newspaper agrees, however, with the WSJ when he says there will be no recall of the phones already in circulation.

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