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iPhone, no availability in AT&T stores; European ones shipped

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If anyone had any doubts about the severity of the iPhone 4 stock limitations, they should have been convinced tonight when Apple's one and only partner in the cell phone business, AT&T, announced it was unable to offer phones to store customers. during the day of Thursday but to be able to satisfy only those who have ordered via the Internet and who will either receive it at home, have asked to have it delivered to a store.

"AT&T – reads a message posted on the site – will not have immediate availability of iPhone 4 for customers who will arrive in the store without having booked it on June 24. We think we have iPhones starting from day 29 both in stores and on the Internet store and in business channels

The date of the 29th for the delivery of the next batch of phones, means that those who have not had the foresight to book iPhone as soon as it has been made available on the online sales site will have to, well, they will, wait five days to try to have one and this despite the fact that the American mobile operator has suspended reservations 24 hours after the official launch. Recall that, however, those who order today on the Apple Store will not receive iPhones before 15/16 July.

The AT&T announcement has made customers who are intending to camp in front of the Apple Stores agitated, in practice the only stores (with some small retailers like Wal-Mart and Best Buy) will have a certain availability of iPhones to sell to customers who present themselves in the stores. Americans are wondering how many iPhones will be sold to the public and how soon we will have to show up to buy one. The same question is also being asked by the Italians who have decided to set off across the Alps or across the Channel to line up in front of some Apple Stores; how soon will it be necessary to arrive to guarantee one?

Meanwhile, some readers who have ordered, thanks to the collaboration of relatives and acquaintances residing in France and the United Kingdom, iPhone 4 on the Apple Store France and the United Kingdom, point out that shipments have also left for these countries. The sending, announced overnight by an email sent a few hours after the change of the order status from "not shipped" to "prepared for shipping", takes place as for all Apple products from Dutch warehouses and the delivery should take place punctually during the day of Thursday.

Below is an image taken from the French site with the order of one of our readers who testifies to the shipment of the iPhone.