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iPhone increasingly loved by American students

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iPhone increasingly loved by American students logomacitynet1200wide 1

The results of the survey carried out by the research company Piper Jaffray were published yesterday and photograph a growing passion for iPhone by high school students in the United States.

The research was carried out by interviewing just under 800 students and notes that 8% of respondents already have an iPhone. It is interesting to note the growth of respondents who plan to purchase iPhones within 6 months: 9% of respondents in the spring of 2008, when only iPhone Edge was available, now grown to 22% of respondents.

The analysis company specifies that the percentage of 22% of the total of respondents translates into practice as a person who plans to buy iPhones every 3 people who plan to buy a smartphone.

Always from the same research other interesting results emerge, for example a 2% growth in the market share held by iPod which now reaches 84%, finally the interviewees who regularly buy music from the Web, 40% of the total, as many as 93 % uses iTunes. Among the sites that published the results of the Piper Jaffray survey, we mention iPhoneApps

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