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IPhone in Turkey and Brazil in late September

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ready a new tour of countries for iPhone? To suggest that the end of the month, between 26 and 27, new markets will open are several indications that point precisely to the last week like the one during which Apple should if not completely complete, certainly approaching the coverage of almost all major markets in the world.

The thickest information comes from Brazil. In the largest, most populous and richest of South American countries, it was the president of Vivo, Roberto Lima, who announced that the Apple phone will be available 'by the end of September'. According to what Lima has made known to newspapers such as Globo, the presentation will be contextual for all operators. In Brazil, iPhone will be sold not only by Vivo but also by Claro.

The date of 26 emerges, however, clearly from a page of Turkcell. The main Turkish operator publishes the date on its website, leaving little room for doubt. Turkcell in Turkey will be supported by Vodafone in the marketing of the telephone.

Once landed in Turkey and Brazil between the large countries, in addition to China and the world apart, only Russia will be missing. iPhone has already been formally announced by both Megafon and Beeline, the second and third local mobile operators. In doubt only the date of launch that someone has indicated in October. Theoretically, it cannot be ruled out that a launch at the end of September was also decided for the great Eastern country, together with Brazil and Turkey.