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iPhone in the UK: still high sales

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iPhone in UK: sales still high logomacitynet1200wide 1

Immediately after the launch on 11 July, iPhone 3G sold 50,000 pieces per week in the UK, this for the next two weeks. The novelty effect gradually eased despite the fact that now, two months after marketing, the Apple smartphone continues to record conspicuous sales numbers.

Currently, sales estimates indicate 27,000 units sold every week, a remarkable result that is fueled by the assiduous marketing and advertising campaign via TV, newspapers and posters carried out by Cupertino. UK estimates and sales numbers have been reported on the UK Mobile site.

The consistent sales volumes allowed iPhone to gain market share, estimated between 4 and 6 on the total number of mobile phones. Apple and the O2 operator do not expect sales to drop even in the coming months and until Christmas. In practice, according to the statements of an anonymous insider, it is believed that the growing sales of the smartphone for use with prepaid cards will exceed the number of terminals sold with a monthly subscription.

As for the sale in the UK of iPhone 3G for use with rechargeable macity, it dealt with the news at the time of the official announcement in early September: before iPhone was sold only and exclusively with a monthly subscription contract. The high sales prices, 350 and 400 pounds for the 8GB and 16GB (about 430 and 490 euros) could represent, according to the anonymous source of Mobile, an important obstacle to overcome in order to maintain high smartphone sales volumes in the months to come.

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