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iPhone in the UK brings data traffic skyrocketing

iPhone in the UK brings data traffic to the stars logomacitynet1200wide 1

The success of the iPhone seems to be above expectations in the United Kingdom, or if nothing else the users of Sua Maest, would be exploiting its functions at least for what concerns data connectivity, beyond what O2 had forecast.

The news of an O2, the operator that manages iPhone in the UK, taken by surprise, emerges from a statement released today by the European leaders of the operator. "IPhone – says Vivek Dev – CEO of Telefonica O2 Europe – is taking the use of the mobile Internet to levels never seen before".

Dev's statement seems to confirm that if nothing else, customers currently in possession of iPhones make extensive use of the potential of surfing the Internet and that in fact the phone is that device capable of changing the rules of the game that has been talked about for a long time.

Not surprisingly, just quoting iPhone, O2 speaks of the wide introduction of flat rates and the need to start experimenting with femtocells (practically antennas for private cell phones, intended to cover offices or work groups) to lighten the load on the network.

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