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iPhone in Russia, second operator

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iPhone in Russia, second operator logomacitynet1200wide 1

For days, rumors of ongoing negotiations have been circulating between Apple and the operator Megafon: today the news is confirmed and official. The operator Megafon, the third largest number of subscribers with around 36 million lines, will also offer iPhone 3G in the Russian market. The operator says iPhone sales will begin this year and not in 2009 as initially believed.

A few days ago the operator Beeline also declared that an agreement was reached with Apple to offer iPhone: Macity spoke about it here.

Beeline with about 39 million subscribers the second largest operator in the country. Now that the second and third mobile operators have confirmed the launch of the iPhone, the appeal is "only" missing the number one Mobile Telesystem with 61 million lines. It is very probable that the official announcement of MTS will not be long in coming: since the first rumors for the Russian market, three operators have been mentioned, remember this article by Macity. Finally we note that n Beeline n Megafon have indicated an exact date for the beginning of the marketing of the iPhone. Although initially expected to be more likely to launch in 2009, the two companies have said that iPhone will be available by 2008: despite the absence of a precise date, the latest rumors from insiders speak of a possible launch in the month of October.

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