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iPhone in Russia, launched on October 3

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The iPhone in Russia lands on October 3. The official announcement of the three operators who have entered into a contract with Apple: MTN, Vimpelcomp and Megafon.

On October 3, as is now the tradition for iPhone launches on a Friday and, also as tradition, the presentation will take place with a kind of white night, the one between 2 and 3 October, when some shops will remain open to welcome the first customers . Among the chains that have decided to adhere to this proposal, it is learned from Reuters, there is Technosila. Competitors Eldorado and M.Video will also have the iPhone.

Sales forecasts for Russia are 150,000 iPhones by the end of the year. A decidedly important number, although it must be said that hundreds of thousands of unlocked iPhone 2G have already been sold in the country of Eastern Europe.

Prices are very high, not only for the local market which is less rich than the western one, but also for the pockets of Western Europeans. The 8 GB model will cost 22900 rubles, about 627 euros, the 16 GB model will have a price list of 26999 rubles, about 736 euros. But the cost may not be an obstacle; in Russia, unlocked iPhone 2Gs, according to local sources, came to cost the same amount and without any guarantee of operation, since with each firmware upgrade there was the need to proceed with a new unlock.

The Russian 3G version phones, like the Italian ones, are instead all unlocked and the indicated cost refers to a terminal without a contract.

Recall that Russia, China aside, the last major country that is still missing from the iPhone market; in terms of number of contracts, it is also the third largest in the world, after China and the United States.