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iPhone in Ireland from 14 March

iPhone will be available March 14 in Ireland. Silently, the availability was made official today, with a message posted on the website of the manager of the island of the British archipelago.

The rates speak for a cost that goes from 45 euros to 100 euros per month, passing through 65, with 175, 350 and 700 minutes of voice, 100, 150 and 250 sms and a (poor) GB of data with a (cheap) surcharge of 2 euro cents for each MB transferred in more than the monthly limit. No flat (not even semi-flat) for im data therefore. In Ireland you also pay 15 cents for every minute of voicemail and 10 cents for each extra SMS.

An interesting detail is the possibility of updating your rate plan by transforming it into an iPhone plan.

The reduced time that elapses between the announcement of availability and the actual availability of the iPhone, much less than that which marked the launch in other countries, most likely due to non-existent logistical problems, given that support, marketing and many of the inherent aspects launch and assistance, headed by O2 UK.

Recall that Macity yesterday revealed, taken from the main world sites, the presence of an O2 bundle for Ireland within firmware 1.1.4. In the same firmware there are also the bundles of Tim, in addition to that of T-Mobile Austria.

Thanks for the report to Stefano Como