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iPhone in China_ talks close to a conclusion

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iPhone in China_ talks close to conclusion logomacitynet1200wide 1

The negotiation between Cupertino and China Mobile is nearing its conclusion: the news appeared in the financial newspaper 21st Century Business Herald, controlled directly by the Chinese state. Recall that the rumors of an ongoing negotiation between Apple and the largest telephone operator in the country have been underway for just under a year. That something is really moving out of the question: the news appeared on Fortune, while Reuters reports new statements by Wang Jianzhou CEO of China Mobile: β€œBoth Steve Jobs and I hope that iPhone can enter China as soon as possible. We are discussing this but we have not yet reached an agreement. "

Recall that the rumors of the past few months indicated the revenue sharing clause, requested by Apple to operators who market iPhones, as the main obstacle for the iPhone landing in the immense Asian market. In June, the rumor spread that Cupertino had given up its percentage share on the turnover generated by each terminal sold: Macity spoke about it here. Today iPhones sold in 43 countries for a potential market of 660 million customers: China alone has 600 million telephone lines, of which 415 million are owned by China Mobile.

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