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iPhone, craft hack for video conferencing

iPhone as a video conferencing camera? it's possible! The hackers of Ecamm Network, who also won the C-4 competition over the weekend, demonstrated this by developing the most original hack for iPhone.

The method used by the group of imaginative developers is the exemplification of the fundamental "art of getting by": first of all it is necessary to perform a "jailbreak" to access the mobile phone system; the next step will be the installation of the iPhone Toolchain, a utility that allows the development of native mobile applications.

At this point the work of the hackers comes into play who have created a program capable of making the mobile phone's lens work to capture video images, compress them and send them to a server to which another iPhone was connected, to create a real video-conference.

The program, although still primitive, is already able to operate a split screen between the two sources or to use the reduced viewing window.

The real problem was the positioning of the objective, a difficulty impossible to solve at the software level. The solution is called Hackelberry Mirror, a gadget already sold by Ecamm for MacBook and MacBook Pro: a series of mirrors capable of overturning the point of view of the lens. With a game of reflected images, it will be like having the camera positioned on the front and not on the back.

As can also be seen from the images, the very "do it yourself" but effective solution and, above all, shows that iPhone is already ready for video recording; just develop the appropriate program and even the Apple mobile phone can be used as a video camera.

Thanks to Emiliano Morgia for the report.