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iPhone coming to Apple Premium Resellers

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IPhone appears without a contract now possible for everyone. After the suffering of the past few days, when, as reported by Macity, it was very difficult to get the phone without being faced with the obligation to sign a contract (despite wherever the sale was advertised even without it), now the phone freely available on the Internet.

The Tim site from the weekend, after the fluctuations of the previous days, shows a full and stable availability of all three iPhone models: the two 16 GB (black and white) and the 8 GB one. In practice this means that if trying to buy iPhones in a shop you feel that it is impossible to do it without a contract, just go on the Internet and have it shipped to your home.

At the moment Macity readers and direct sources of our site report that the phone is also arriving at Apple Premium Resellers. Most of the APRs (which only use Tim, Vodafone does not seem to have been interested in the operation) will sell the iPhone without a contract, in a version, therefore, at full price. In some areas of our country, however, availability problems may occur at the APR due to the particular distribution method chosen by Tim against the Apple stores. Note also that not all APRs will have iPhones; some decided not to sell the phone.

Finally, those wishing to buy iPhones at a shopping center could still find themselves faced with the need to purchase them with a contract, an obligation that seems to derive from the continuation of agreements between retailers and mobile operators.