Cupertino studia un logo Apple illuminato, colorato e che lampeggia

iPhone boom, Airpods and Apple Watch on the shields: Apple makes the sales record for Christmas

Apple exceeds its profit forecasts and even the record forecasts that had been advanced in the past few hours. IPhones are even more wearable, while the strategy of services seems to be struggling (at least for now). This is a summary of the rosy picture that emerges from the data released a few minutes ago by Cupertino in the context of the presentation of tax data concerning the first three months of the year.

In what legally represents the first quarter of the Apple budget (and the last solar one), they were recorded revenues of 91.8 billion dollars against 84.3 billioni well above the upper limit of Apple's internal forecasts. Earnings per share are $ 4.99 also above the result ($ 4.18 per share) last year and also above forecasts.

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Apple continues to not provide any information on the devices it has sold. We cannot officially know how many Macs, iPads and especially iPhones have been sold. We know for that the revenue generated by the iPhone on the rise; revenues amounted to 55.96 billion dollars compared to 51.92 billioni from last year

As known for Cupertino, it is moving its strategies towards the services market. The data in the balance sheet say that Apple in this area has generated revenues of 12.7 billion compared to last year (10 billion) but here we are below forecasts.

The works much better AirPods and Apple Watch business; here Apple totals 10 billion dollars against 7.3 billioni from last year. In practical terms, today 10% of total turnover is generated precisely from this area of ‚Äč‚Äčthe Apple market and its growth much faster than that of services.

Note that wearables today invoice more than Macs (7.1 billion against 7.4 billion last year) and of the iPad (5.9 billion versus 6.7 billioni from last year)