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iPhone arrives in the UK with O2: it is now official

iPhone arrives in the UK with O2: official time logomacitynet1200wide 1

Coster 269 Pounds VAT included (almost 399 VAT including our Euros) the iPhone in the United Kingdom, the same 8 GB model with edge connectivity that is currently sold in the United States.

The UMTS version will be available not earlier than 2008 with an unspecified release date, because a 3G version with current batteries would be a real consumption monster. The phone will be on sale at the 1300 distribution points of CarPoint Warehouse in all over the UK. The other interesting news that with the iPhone there will be the possibility to connect to the more than 7,000 Cloud Wi-Fi access points.

The UK user will activate the phone after the purchase just as it happens in the United States having the possibility to choose different tariff plans, all however with an 18-month contract that the maximum limit that sets the European Union for the bond to a telephone operator .

Special offers

Other than iPhone XR: iPhone XS 64 GB at 705.90 euros

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