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iPhone and iPod touch change the characteristics of relatives and friends with Face Melter

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In the era of the iPhone and iPod touch, the photographic retouching became pocket-sized, real-time and controllable with the fingertips. As the name of the program indicates Face Melter, a photo retouching program developed to offer the best results with elaborations on people's faces.

The starting image can be a photograph from our archive, a photo previously taken with the iPhone or an instantly captured. Face Melter works on both Apple's multitouch pocket books and allows you to change the characteristics of friends, relatives and colleagues by intervening with a few single or double touches on the screen.

Using traditional gestures to zoom in and out with Face Melter we can shrink a skull, blow up the auricles enormously, transform a serious and professional face into a grin worthy of the Batman Joker. Even for those who are not a computer graphics wizard, the results are guaranteed. When the completed work we can choose to keep the image to give some laughs via email to our acquaintances, set it as an image in the contacts, finally even observe the morphing video at 25 frames per second which starts from the original photo to get to the modified photo .

Here on the side we reproduce a face after the treatment with Face Melter, further down the starting image. Recall that the program has been recently updated: now also available in Italian, finally a gem. If the effect obtained with the photo retouching of the face does not convince us, at any time we can return to the original image in an instant by slightly shaking the touch or the iPhone.

Face Melter a program capable of amusing the author of the retouching and even more of the audience: present on this App Store page at a price of 1.59 euros