iPhone and Butterfly iQ can detect Covid-19 remotely

iPhone and Butterfly iQ can detect Covid-19 remotely

To examine people potentially infected with Coronavirus, several people are needed in the same room, including a doctor or health care professional specialized in the medical equipment used: now with iPhone and a small ultrasound accessory, and with remote help through augmented reality, it is possible to carry out a home and remote examination to detect Covid-19 infection. Macitynet saw this accessory in action during CES 2019: in this article you will find the complete explanation of the operation and also the photo gallery made in Las Vegas by our correspondent.

With a footprint similar to that of a professional microphone, Butterfly iQ connects to the iPhone and allows you to examine the patient's rib cage. But even those who have not attended specialization courses to perform ultrasounds and to use ultrasound instruments, can maneuver Butterfly IQ following the remote instructions of a doctor or an expert operator provided through augmented reality.

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Thanks to this solution that has just received the approval of the US Federal and Drug Administration (FDA), anyone can perform the examination directly in the patient's home, if sufficiently healthy, even the patient himself. In the same screen that we report from Engadget, in addition to the images of the lungs, the exact movements and position of the ultrasound wand on the ribcage are shown in a box, while in another smaller box a live connection with video and audio allows you to receive directions from a doctor or healthcare professional.

The solution is undoubtedly interesting, especially in this health emergency which requires limiting contacts with potentially infected people. Butterfly iQ marketed at the price of two thousand dollars in the USA, around 1,900 euros in Italy. This accessory compatible with iPhone 6s, iPad Pro and iPad of fifth generation and above: requires iOS 12 or newer; A version compatible with Android devices is also available.

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