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iPhone, a surprising response from the market

iPhone, a surprising answer from the market logomacitynet1200wide 1

IPhone users have no notes to make on their phone and Apple and At & T are making the most of the opportunities offered by the phone to snatch new customers from their rivals. These are the two salient elements that emerge from a survey carried out over the last few days by Interpreter, a market analysis company from Santa Monica.

'What we get from the interviews – says Jason Kramer in an interview with Usa Today – that the data are definitely higher than any expectation.' Among the most relevant information, the fact that as many as 30% of iPhone buyers had never bought an Apple product and that 40% had never owned an iPod. In addition to this it is learned that 51% of those who bought the phone switched to At & T from another carrier and of this percentage 35% had to pay a penalty (on average 167%) to abandon their previous supplier of access and now pays an average of $ 35 more per month to get the service.

The satisfaction level of the owners of the phone is very high: 90% of the interviewees declare themselves either extremely or very satisfied and 85% say that it is extremely or very likely that they will recommend the purchase to their acquaintances.

'If Apple's customers manifest the same level of loyalty they have in the field of information technology and music – comments in an interview with Usa Today Gene Munster, analyst of Piper Jaffray – iPhone could change the dynamics in the world of telephony'

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