iPhone 5, are these the first preview images?

iPhone 5, are these the first preview images?


First photos of the possible iPhone 5 case

The new Apple iPhone 5 it should be presented in September and arrive on the market for October 2012.

As always happens, however, what appear to be the first accessories and pieces of the new Apple smartphone begin to appear on the net.

A few hours ago the first photos of a possible appeared on the net iPhone 5, or rather, its back cover.

The Fixyouri guys have recently updated their parts catalog for the iPhone repair, and among these, we also find what appears to be a back and front cover of an iPhone, quite different from that of the current model, ie iPhone 4S.

The images appeared on the net, however, also come from another very reliable source, 9to5mac, which in the past has never missed a shot regarding the various Apple products.

According to the first information, moreover, it seems that this year the iPhoneit will not be available in only two colors, black and white, but others will be added shortly after the marketing of the first models.

According to the images appeared on the net, however, the new covers for iPhone 5 seem to be much thinner than the current one and also we note the presence of a dock connector very small compared to the current one. The holes for the speakers have also changed and now the 3.5 "audio jack appears in the lower part of the iPhone instead of in the upper one, just like the iPod Touch.

As for the frame, we can see the color change and above all the shape, no longer square but round. In addition, the back cover is no longer a single color and even the material used does not seem to be the same as theiPhone 4S.

Clearly, as we have already said, the news is not official and at the moment it is only rumors.

We will see if confirmations or denials about this will arrive in the coming months new iPhone 5.

At the moment, however, information is missing on this display new iPhone 5, whose diagonal and size are not yet known.

Following other photos of the alleged cover of iPhone 5.

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