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IPhone 4G screen under a microscope: doubled resolution

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New rumors and possible details on the next iPhone model have emerged in the past few hours. The Czech portal seems to have mysteriously got hold of a prototype of the iPhone 4G, which, after the scoops from California and Vietnam, is hardly surprising anymore. The editorial staff of the portal, however, declares to have observed the screen of the device under the microscope, thus analyzing its technology.

According to what is shown in the published photographs and according to the article, it appears that the iPhone 4G screen will not use AMOLED technology, as the recent HTC Nexus One does, but will be based on IPS LED panels, as already done with iPad and models newer than iMac. Finally, further details have been released regarding the resolution of the new screen, which settles on 960 × 640 pixels, which means a pixel density of 320 dpi, the highest ever seen on a device of this class. This is exactly twice the resolution of the current iPhone 3GS, which will allow developers to easily adapt their applications to the new device, in a similar way to what is already happening on the iPad.

Obviously, all this information must be taken with a grain of salt: the annual Worldwide Developers Conference is just over a week away, an event in which Apple extracted iPhone 4G, except for very surprising ones, from its cylinder.

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