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iPhone 4 wins the comparison of the displays

iPhone 4 wins the display comparison – Macitynet.it

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Among the high-end smartphones available on the market today, iPhone 4 has the best screen. The opinion of the US site PCMag.com that compares the Retina Display of iPhone 4 with the screens of the most popular competing smarpthone of the moment: Motorola Droid, HTC Droid Incredible and HTC Evo.

For the accurate test, the site not only used expensive measuring instruments for brightness and color but requested the contribution of Raymond Soneira, president of DisplayMate, a company specialized in video diagnosis, expert in screens, calibration and display optimization. The iPhone screen turned out to be by far the brightest, with a recorded value of 536 candles / square meter against 455 of Motorola Droid, 349 of HTC Evo and only 236 cd / m2 of HTC Droid Incredible. The Apple smartphone was also the best in terms of contrast with a value of 1097, against 1071 by Motorala Droid and 649 by HTC Evo, this obviously for smartphones with an LCD screen. In this test HTC Droid Incredibile excels at a great distance from any other smarpthone LCD with a contrast ratio of 39,373 thanks to the integrated OLED screen.

iPhone 4 also has the best of the competition in terms of color depth: the only smartphone among those tested to offer a 24bit color depth for the screen and to be able to take full advantage of it with the app dedicated to images and photos capable of support this color depth. The Motorola Droid, the only other smartphone with a 24bit screen, offers for an image software that works only at 16bit, while the other smarpthone offer screen and software only at 16bit.

As far as the color fidelity Motorola Droid is concerned, the smarpthone that showed the best result, with a deviation of only -6%. iPhone 4 here ranked third with a deviation of -36% after HTC Evo with -10% and before HTC Droid with a deviation of 37%. Despite the limitations in this sector (problems, PCMag says that had also manifested in the iPhone 3GS), weighing all the results recorded iPhone 4 was decreed as the smartphone with the best screen.

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