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iPhone 4: will it arrive in Italy on Friday 23 July?

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iPhone 4: will it arrive in Italy on Friday 23 July? –

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Friday 23 July: this seems to be the launch date of the iPhone 4 in Italy and in the other 17 countries that are part of the second group established by Cupertino for the introduction of the new smartphone. The date is obviously not official but emerges from a new indiscretion reported by the Electronista website. The anonymous source but the website declares that it is a person within one of the main Canadian mobile operators; there is still the risk of displacement if some mobile operator from the countries that are part of the lot asks for an extension of time.

Although it is a rumor, the date of July 23 or at the end of July seems to be confirmed by other indications that emerged during the day today. First, an alleged response email that Steve Jobs would send to a Canadian user who feared delays following the success of sales in the countries of the first round. Secondly, we recall the official press release issued today by Cupertino in which, in addition to the reporting of the iPhone 4 sales record, the end of July period for the launch in the 18 nations of the second round is again communicated, a group which also includes the Italy and Canada.

If iPhone were to be launched on July 23, Apple could open reservations the previous week, as it did for iPhone 4 in the US, Germany, Japan, the UK and France.

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